• This week's summer property: The Californian Woodhouse

    I love love woodhouses. Even more so when they are funky, furnished with contemporary and super designed furniture, are located 5mn from the ocean by car and near the pine forests of Seignosse in quiet and private surroundings.

    Check this one out, for rent this summer, sleeps up to 7 people easily, with it's 4 bedrooms, has 2 bathrooms, well equiped super cosy kitchen and lounge that gives onto that teck terrace where you just want to relax all day, whilst comfortably nestled in the hammock.

    Contact our friends at FrenchBeachHomes if you want more information and book soon... summer is definitely poking it's warming nose at us all here!

  • We unconditionally recommend: Le Fou à Pieds Rouges - Capbreton

    MC, the creator of InHossegor, once recommended I go to dinner to Marion and Christian's restaurant in Capbreton.

    Now don't get me wrong I like French food but am not crazy about tourist restaurants or your bog standard typical places, there are a few around here.

    So I called Marion to book on an April evening, one of the only restaurants open in the area and the experience was, superb, to say the least. The food is tasty, natural, explosive, original but with anchored roots from France and California (where Marion and Chris are from respectively). The restaurant is modern, neat, colourful, bright and just right.

    Le Fou à Pieds Rouges was opened in February 2014 and has been packed solid with locals and visitors alike ever since.

    Their story

    Marion, who works on the public's end of the eatery, met Chris (who works in the kitchen with great passion) in Nicaragua in November 2013. They both lived in the same village, Chris working in his restaurant and Marion running a small hotel. Love decided for them that they should go to France together which they did in September 2013 and Le Fou à Pieds Rouge was born beginning of 2014.

    What you eat

    The food is influenced by Christian's Northern Californian roots but strongly flavoured by Landais basics, where Marion's grandmother was from.

    It's traditional but with a twist. A super twist.

    The gastronomical experience

    Citrus fruits come perfume a dish, nuts punctuate the textures and flavours, fresh herbs add that extra taste that leaves you wondering what in the hell that was you were tasting, cause it tastes so darn good.

    Fruits are used with normally savoury dishes (I think here of the Strawberry Terrine) and the granité for dessert is again a subtle surprise with it's basil and tarragon after notes.

    It's a way of escaping, of letting your taste buds wonder, whilst still laying the foundations for a solid French base.

    The menu

    At lunch, two menus are on offer at €12,50 for 2 courses of €14,50 for 3.

    Lunchtime at weekends the menus are at €21 and €25, which are inspired from the dinner menu, which makes it all a little bit more luxurious and interesting.

    Menus change every 2 weeks, so it's varied, you can return and be confident a new experience is waiting for you.

    The restaurant and booking ahead

    Open throughout the year (HOORAY!!).

    Lunch times: Wednesday to Sunday lunches

    Dinner: Wednesday to Saturday nights

    Note: 14th July to 25th August: ONLY NIGHTS from Tuesday to Sunday, 19h to 23h.


    InHossegor recommend:

    The Onglet with home made fries (mouth waters as I type the words)

    Home made cheesecake (are second helpings allowed?).

    The menu changes so often that you can also try out Chris's new creations too.


    Word of advice:

    Book ahead. The place is an absolute find, whether for a super tasting lunch or a take-your-time-with-the-loved-one(s) dinner.

    Le Fou à Pieds Rouges

    1 Quai de la Pecherie


    tel: 09 82 28 30 96

  • Thursday 16th April…. Aperitif & Vibes at Café de Paris

    The season is waking up again... All of us awakening, stretching our arms and cooled-by-winter limbs, as if coming out of a long hybernation that should have ended long ago.

    So fret not friends, InHossegor is back to review what's going on and where, fill the moments of calm with possibilities of party and the moments of party with eventualities of blissful calm.

    Makes sense. Non?

    Tomorrow night, the Café de Paris team welcomes you to it's eloquently named venue:

    Bitch Don't Kill my Vibe.

    Tunes, drinks, dancing, people and a legendary place to host the party and lots of outdoor space to spill onto to.

    Starts at 18h ends at 22h, well, that bit is up to you.

    Facebook page is here

  • This week's property: The Beach Flat, Hossegor

    We love these digs.

    For several reasons that will most likely appeal to you all.

    1/ it is literally 10 steps away from the beach and the SUD wave in Hossegor

    2/ one minute walk away from Hossegor's nightlife and restaurant area: La Centrale

    3/ it sleeps up to 7 people easily

    4/ it has it's own terrace and parking space too.

    So no taking that car no more for the whole duration of your stay.

    Bare foot or cosied up foot in your Havanas or Vans, this place is great for a summer stay for you, your pals or your family.

    Contact the guys at Frenchbeachhomes for availability and prices here: Beach Apartment Hossegor

    See you this summer.

  • Feels Good at All Good

    I come to this vintage, vibed up, deconnected but yet soooo connected shop often for coffee  or my favorite Soja Chai Latte.

    All Good have also recently opened a library space on the first floor where you can chill, read a book or even get one of your own to take home.

    The capsule collections for men but also women are often totally unique (they stocked Makkia a few months back, Finland hipster fashion at it's very very best) and the All Good crew also like to tempt the buyer with Deus Ex Machina and some really really awesome accessories for you and for your home (check out the LIGHT BULBS) and delicious organic home made candles (Palm Island I love you).

    So next time you are here for a surf, a wander through the pine trees or a tour of France, pop in and say hello.

    You will want to stay, just that little bit longer you would anywhere else, just because it feels Good to hang where it feels like Home.

    Go here to their Facebook page too and follow them on Instagram All Good Hossegor

    Contatcs and location:
    Tél. 05 58 47 04 86

    email :
    Adresse : 33 Av. des Tisserands
    40150 Soorts Hossegor
    Opening Hours :
    Tuesdays to Saturdays
    10h - 13h00 / 15h00 - 19h

  • Food Love 1: Pre Surf Cranberry and Sesame Breakfast Flapjack

    "Well why not?"

    "Why not what?"

    "Why not share some food love with you all, of course".

    This will be a new feature for InHossegor: food. Cool recipes linked to what we do and what is grown here. We all love to eat and go out and discover new places but sometimes it's so nice to get some simple and healthy inspiration to make our own treats too.

    Marie-Claire might have mentioned that I triathlon as much as I can (if that's not a verb then apologies for my sport infused vocab). Part of that is swimming, then biking then running.

    So lot's of moving around, lots of burning calories. This also means lots of fueling my body. That's the great part.

    All of you guys will be connected to the outdoors here somehow, some surf, some skate, some run, some swim and so much more... so you will all know that feeling of wanting to get up and go, to catch the wave or even to hike through the pine forests or up the Basque mountains and find that you are peckish. Or that you have left your house for work in the morning, the alarm having gone off but your brain not hearing it, just enough time for a shower (if you're lucky) and maybe a cuppa but no time for food.

    So I share with you today this beautiful recipe for Cranberry and Sesame breakfast Flapjacks, adapted to what we have available here and without having to spend a fortune on imported golden syrup or porridge oats.

    These little mamas are great with a cup of Cinamon Tea or a beautiful Soja latte, mmmm.....

    They take no time to prepare and keep for a good week in an airtight container. Take them to work for your mid afternoon snack or gobble them up for breakfast. Have them before your surf session or share them with the kids (well, only if you want to). Packed full of protein and carbs, they are great for you so enjoy.

    Makes 15/16

    150g dried Cranberries

    100g dried Sultanas

    150g sesame seeds

    170g butter (beurre demi-sel)

    60g honey (or Syrop d'Agave)

    100g brown sugar

    250g organic porridge oats (flocons d'Avoine, example:Bjorg)

    How to do it

    1/ pre heat your oven to 170C

    2/cover the cranberries and sultanas in boiling water so they plump up a little. Leave for 10mn and drain.

    3/ In a pan, melt the butter, honey/syrop and sugar together then add the oats/flocons, cranberries, sultanas and sesame seeds.

    4/ transfer the mixture into a tin and flatten with the back of a spoon

    5/ bake for 30 to 35 minutes OR until golden

    6/ wait until it has completely cooled to cut up and put in an airtight container

    Tip: if you keep them in the fridge they become harder, for those who like something chewey.

    7/ eat and go forth with a happy belly.

  • Off to the Braderie we go

    Is it really that time of year already?

    The hussle and bustle of the crowds, the sheer excitement of the bargain hunt, the coolness of weaving between the surf, fashion and lifestyle brands...

    Every year around Easter time Hossegor's hippest brands open their doors to the yearly supermassive sales: La Braderie.

    Rip Curl, Element, Carhartt, Banana Moon, Billabong, Quicksilver... oooh la la and so much more.

    This year, instead of lasting until Easter Monday, the braderie will close it's doors on Sunday. 


    From Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th April (included)

    Thursday from 10h00am to 7h00 pm

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 9h00am to 7h00pm


    The obvious: get there as early as you can, thursday and friday are good days as there is often less of a crowd.

    Dont' worry: they won't run out of their best buys if you can't make it on those two first days, the stands are stocked up several times a day, every day.

    Do be pushy: I mean it's not like an Hermes sale or anything but a few elbows out there can't do any harm and warn any potential shopping competitors right off...

    This is where to go:

    Zone d'activité de Pedebert, 40150 Hossegor

    GPS coordinates

    43,671116, -1,386316
    43° 40' 16'' N, 1° 23' 10'' W

    Here's the link to the map of the braderie: Map of Hossegor Braderie 2015

    Now go forth and make the best buys for this year.

  • Its tax time again...

    Hello all...

    don't we dread it all, year upon year, that tax declaration in May that we put at the bottom of the paper tray but that keeps on propping up it's ugly little head.

    So basically it may be a good idea to nip it in the bud this year and get someone to Help you declare your taxes. At The Help, you will be told what's deductible, how to fill in your declaration properly and just make sure that May is less stressful for you.

    I mean, it's springtime, so let's concentrate on the pre-seasonal shopping, tan and parties.

    Let someone else deal with the taxes.

    May in France is when you send back your tax declaration form and September is when the bill comes in. You can decide to pre pay some tax (monthly/quaterly) or not. These are all choices you have and you need to know about.

    For more info on how The Help will definitely help you and get cracking on your taxes, just mail:

    One less thing to think about, one more excuse to have fun.

  • New beginnings

    It’s the spring equinox, and a perfect time for making changes. After three brilliant years of covering events, parties, surfing, shopping and keeping you up to date with the best Hossegor has to offer, it’s time for me to hand over the blog. My life has changed completely since I arrived in 2011 with little more than my camera, a bag full of bikinis and a surfboard. I’ve made Hossegor my home, got married and had a baby. Hossegor has offered me a lot more than I ever imagined it would.


    Anyway, for me at least, toddlers and blogging don’t mix (no idea how mummy bloggers do it), and we travel a lot to keep up with my husband’s job. As I’d rather not do something at all than do something badly I’m handing over the site.

    New owner Fiona Hamalton has lived in Hossegor for 6 years. Well travelled and multi lingual, she settled here after living in places as diverse as Milan, Madrid, Lisbon and Torquay (Aus). A surf industry insider, she worked at Billabong before leaving to start her own business (the Help) assisting expats with life in France. French/English Fiona also manages several holiday properties and somehow squeezes in the odd triathlon. 

    Fiona will be taking over from the beginning of April so if you have any news to share, events to invite her to, or wish to advertise on the site then please get in touch:

    Good luck Fiona and enjoy!

    Bisous to all and thanks for reading, Marie-Claire x

  • Surf & ...

    SURFTRIP SURFSCHOOL have had a brainwave to mix it up a bit on your surf holiday.. Break up the surf lessons with a choice of activities, from relaxation to dining, there's something for everyone.

    Learn local basque Pelote (extreme squash), wakeboard, sailing, a dinner experience, tennis or yoga as part of your week long program. Call Surf trip on or email for more info. Details details:


    Book 5 days of 2 hour surf lessons with a qualified instructor, equipment provided and also enjoy your choice of :

    5 jours surf + 1h30 beginner STAND UP PADDLE lesson on Hossegor lac 

    5 jours surf + 1h beginner Catamaran lesson on Hossegor lac 

    5 jours surf + a 3h sailing trip in the sea (minimum 2 people)



    Book 5 days of 2 hour surf lessons with a qualified instructor, equipment provided and try wakeboarding with Gliss’Adour in Lahonce :

    Julien will welcome you to introduce you to wakeboarding in a 15 minute try out session behind his  MasterCraft wakeboard boat .



    Book 5 days of 2 hour surf lessons with a qualified instructor, equipment provided and enjoy the calm environment of the Ferme Audine de Yoga Searcher in your daily yoga practice. Two activities are included.



    Wake up your tastebuds after your surf lessons and taste the flavours of the fresh produce at  Fou à Pieds Rouge restaurant in Capbreton… Entrée + Main + Dessert included.



    Surf lessons plus try out local sport pelote basque with Christophe DE ELIZONDO, pro player and instructor who's keen to share his passion for the sport.



    Surf 5 jours with Surftrip et either try out or improve your tennis with François BONNIFACE, who has been teach tennis in Hossegor for 20 years!

    Choose from either 1.5 hours provate coaching, or join a group lesson for an hour and a half a day over 5 days. 

    AU CHOIX :

    5 days surf + 1 private tennis lesson

    5 jours of surf + 5 jours of tennis, from 253€ 

    For more info and prices visit :