• what's on this week and weekend In and Around Hossegor

    Heads Brewery wants to Party on Saturday

    DJs, live music, lots of partying and fresh BEER.


    Heads Beach Brewery, Saturday 29th August from 6pm onwards.

    Aie aie AIE in Hossegor

    Public displays of latino dancing. On Le Centrale esplanade in Hossegor. Days and nights, come shake your booty.

    4th to 6th September, more info here

    DJS and party at the water parc Labenne

    Sunday 30th August, be party of the crowd and head down to Pool and House party at the Aquatic Parc in Labenne which will be privatised for the occasion. Splish splash splosh.

  • Paparazzi at All Good's Resilient's Release Party

    It was a fun evening at All Good with live music from the Laters Club  and The Dedicated Nothing plus a great documentary by Resilients from Cafe Racer Dreams that you can see more about here.

    Sandra, Jacques and the All Good family warmly welcomed us all into the small hours whilst we sipped on our Woll Beer merrily. It's great to have venues like this all locals and visitors of all ages and horizons can come to and just chill. Hope the next one comes round again soon.

  • What's on this week and weekend In and Around Hossegor

    Skull Candy ramp comp at Heads

    on the 14th and 15th August, Skullcandy comes to our fave Heads Beach Brewery for a mini ramp competition. €2500 prize money

    Friday 14th August:
    14h Opening mini-ramp (Open)
    19h30 Best Tricks Open Electric #trick4trick
    21h30Live music with TITANIC supported by Volcom

    Saturday 15th August:
    11h Opening Mini-Ramp (Open)
    16h Close of mini ramp (only invitational riders)
    Training per heat. 24 riders (6 heats of 4 skaters)
    20h00 prizes 
    21h30 Stay Loud in Concert

    Here's where to go for info

    All Good and cafe racer heaven

    Sandra and Jacques have invited Resilients films to view their new documentary on custom cafe racer bikes and the world around them at All Good next week. For lovers of vintage bikes, good music with Laters Club and The Dedicated Nothing and excellent Mexican style food trucks.

    When: 20th August at 7h30pm

    Where: All Good Store, 33 avenue des Tisserands, 40150 Soorts Hossegor

    Beach Bash at Coolin

    When: Tonight 13th August at the Coolin, Beach Bash numero 3. Live DJs and lots of atmosphere.

    Where: Coolin à la Plage, La Centrale, Hossegor

    Pop Up Designers are BACK

    Bangus, Mersea People and other gorgeous local creators offer a 10% discount on their items at the Pop Up Store in Hossegor town. We like and we know that nobody will have the same!

    When: Saturday 14th August from 6pm tp 9pm

    Where: Pop Up Store, 40 Place Pasteur, 40150 Hossegor

  • Sunset Skate SHOWDOWN - La Centrale 12th August

    Our local skateboard brand Collapse is organising it's own sunset skate showdown at La Centrale on Hossegor beachfront tonight. Come see some awesome skaters ride it out until only one's left standing.

    Great venue, come support Collapse and the skaters from 7pm onwards.

  • Les Caprices de Romane - the ice cream heavenly hideout

    I met Georges by wandering into his new business, Les Caprices de Romane, while he was in the process of setting it up. Being new to the area, I had no idea that he actually already owned a long-standing shop in downtown Hossegor, Les Glaces Romanes. Even still, Les Caprices de Romane is quite different from its predecessor. Les Glaces Romanes is a quick stop to get ice cream and then go to the beach; Les Caprices was built for people to spend hours sitting in its couches. Les Glaces Romanes is full of hand painted signs, hip surf-throwback décor, and bright colors; Les Caprices is more subdued, equipped with piles of books, typewriters, gramophones, board games, old barber chairs, an old-world tea room setup, even an antique rocking horse.

    There are even more differences still. Les Caprices de Romane is closer to an actual dessert restaurant (serving crepes, waffles, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit juice, even açaï creakfast bowls). Moreover, the idea behind it is to host workshops, art exhibitions, even small concerts and plays! As Georges told me: “I’d like people to be able to discover this place, and that everyone bring a bit of themselves: it’s really open to everything.” Recently, I got to learn more about the bizarre little café and about Georges himself.

    Rae: How did you get into making ice cream?

    Georges: Circumstances, really. I met people who were in the trade; I love photography and traveling, and this job allowed me to do so. I’ve been an artisan ice cream maker since 1993. I started in Marseille, and after having done some years on La Cote d’Azure, I came here in 2005.

    R: And why did you come here?

    G (without hesitation): For the quality of life.

    R: What do you love about making ice cream?

    G: I’m a perfectionist when it comes to quality: I love making good ice cream. Honestly I think that if I made pizzas, they would also be the best. I think my passion is less the ice cream itself, and more doing things well. My passion is doing things passionately.

    R: I have to admit that when I walked in, the first thing that struck me was that enormous painting of a sleeping baby on the wall…I just now realized that there’s actually a second one, as well. Where did you even find them?

    G: My wife’s mother is in the antique business and she found them in an old house. It’s said – and this I don’t know for sure, it’s not verified at all – they’re supposedly Michelangelo reproductions. This remains to be verified, though!

    R: And last, a question you probably never get asked. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

    G:  I keep it simple, and I keep it classic. I like vanilla!

    So there you have it, folks. This is your friendly hide-away from the chaos of downtown, your comfortable couch for when you’re hungover, and the perfect venue to teach people…well…anything you want!

    Facebook page here


  • What's on this week and weekend In and Around Hossegor

    Wednesday Jam Sessions at the Coolin

    What a great idea. Bring your instrument and voice and play your hearts out.

    Where: Le Coolin a la Plage, La Centrale, Hossegor

    When: in  August 5 Wednesday 10 Monday 19 Wednesday 26 Wednesday from 10pm onwards

    Open Mic at Heads Beach Brewery

    More rock n roll than Karaoke, get your vocal talents noticed tonight at Heads Bar with some home made beer to sooth the chords.

    Where: Heads Beach Brewery, 4 Place des Bourdaines, Seignosse

    When: from 8pm onwards

    Binary at the Casino

    The venue goes to Hossegor Casino Sunday 16th August. Come listen to some live DJ sets and take advantage of the unique casino setting.

    Where: Casino Hossegor - 40150 Soorts-Hossegor, Aquitaine, France

    When: Sunday 16 August from 3pm to 10pm

    and don't forget last week's What's on that has info on the week ahead too!

  • Whats on around Hossegor these next few days

    Wasted Talent - Screening of MUTE

    We like get togethers like this. Ben and Alex invite us to the premier of Mute with an aperitif around 10pm. But be there before for Woll beer, Clementine Rosé and BBQ at 8pm

    When: Saturday 1st August at 8pm

    Where: Wasted Talent Boutique, 165 Avenue des Rémouleurs, 40150 Soorts-Hossegor

    Binary Sound Crew at Le Coolin

    More live sounds and a promisingly warm summer evening at Le Coolin à la Plage.

    Antoine Sy [BinarySound]

    Papuc [BinarySound]

    Pitxo [DeepThings]

    Where: Le Coolin à la Plage, La Centrale, Hossegor

    When: Saturday 1st August from 21h30

    Bring your gang to Board Art Line

    Which beach is your crew from? Where do you and your friends hang?

    Great idea by Chipiron and Board Art Line, a set of Tshirts corresponding to which beach you hang at.

    La Sud - La Centrale - La Nord - La Gravière - Les Culs Nus

    We like the nudie butts.

    Which one do YOU like?

    Aperitif and Tshirt viewings.

    Where: Board Art Line, 48 Avenue des Pins Tranquilles, 40150 Hossegor

    When: Thursday 6th August from 6pm t0 10pm

    Come test some Cruisers at Globe

    We like any excuse to try a new skate board. Globe invites you to try out their new cruisers. Don't miss the chance.

    Where: Globe based at the Office de Tourisme parking lot, Hossegor

    When: Tuesday 4th August from 3pm to 7pm

  • From Banner to Bag… to Rareform

    Ex European Junior Surf Champion Alain Riou and ex Billabong and Element Brand Manager Olivier Cuissot aka "Buffalo", kindly had me over to their HQ in the creative beehive that is becoming the Zone de Pedebert in Soorts Hossegor. So a few days back they set off to show us at InHossegor their latest venture together: the up and coming eco responsible RareForm brand.

    The idea behind this project is clear, inline with a new eco-responsable generation that we are becoming and that our children are inheriting. This unique new company have created from American advertising banners (some from Hurley on WSL competitions, some from street adverts): board bags, gym bags, banana bags, wallets and other ultra cool and unique items.

    Upcycling is the new creation.

    These banners are taken down and then cut and beautifully stitched to make individual items, no replicas here. Every accessory is unique, you choose your own and you know nobody will be riding around with the same. That's a rarity in these times of mass production and we like that.

    RareForm was created in the US by two inspired brother, Alec and Aric Avedissian in 2012. The project was created with an aim to respect the planet, upcycle and still make original and endurant products.

    The company is also a partner in 1% for the planet (so they give 1% of earnings to ecofriendly projects).

    And we like that too.

    Alain and Olivier are so enthusiastic about this brand that they have brought to Europe, we thought that we needed to share their drive with you all and maybe help you to make a new discovery too. It's great to see people who are so involved in their projects and have a message to share as well as being super credible in the Surf industry, as well as being part of our locals here in Hossegor.

    For more information on the brand go to RareForm here, the online shop is also on the website if you want to be the owner of one of these awesome bags. The other alternative is to go to the Vissla or Corezone shops in Soorts Hossegor to see the bags for yourself.

  • An interview with The Shredmill Surf Camp

    We sent Rae our new guest writer to the Shredmill, Surf Camp heaven, to meet the owners and creators Marty and Gav.

    Here's her accountant of a very fun and very wave orientated conversation. 

    I arrived on a fairly residential street, expecting to find a recognizable sign, something that, well, looked like a hostel. Instead, I walked into the garden of a large house, the only indication of it being a lighthouse for wayward travelers and surfers being the large amount of suitcases and hand painted signs everywhere.

    Marty and Gav, the owners and creators of The Shred Mill, greeted me with a can of cold beer. As I sat in the sun in a hammock (don’t ever become a writer, it’s a terrible idea) I learned a bit about them. Both are from the UK – Gav is from Wales and Marty is from around London. However, both have been traveling and working seasons for years and years now. Neither had ever run a hostel before – they told me that they rented a house before this one and gave it a go. It worked so well that they did it again the following season.


    R: So…this place is awesome. How did you guys get the idea?

    G: There aren’t really that many places like it in Hossegor. Before the surf house, we used to work in restaurants and there wasn’t really anywhere for our mates to stay when they came that was affordable and that was cool to hang out at.


    R: Ok, so those are ducks. Why…?

    M: Yep – we’ve had them since they were chicks. We just found them on the Bon Coin – you couldn’t really tell their names apart since they were like chicks so we called them the Lads. They’re quite intelligent as well – they say they’re like dogs and you can call them and train them to come to their name. Lads? Lads!!!

    The Lads don’t respond

    M: When they’re hungry they run out.

    R: It’s just ‘cause I’m here.


    R: Why Hossegor?

    M: Good waves. Good waves, and it’s relaxed.

    G: It’s pretty much the surf capital of Europe, and it’s got guaranteed good waves, good parties, good people, and good vibes.


    R: So what’s been difficult about opening a hostel? I think that’s in the back of a lot of traveler’s minds – what your ideal hostel would look like.

    M: It’s not really that difficult; you learn a lot of stuff as you go.

    G: If you’ve traveled enough, you’ve obviously met a lot of different types of people and if you can just adjust yourself to those people, that’s pretty much all you need to do. As long as people are happy, it’s pretty easy.

    M: You learn stuff all the time from people coming and staying, and when it’s your place, you can literally just say “ok let’s do this” and change something.


    This is obviously not the only surf house / hostel. While its proximity to the beach doesn’t hurt, what makes the Shred Mill different is its malleability. It’s somewhere in between two guys inviting you into their house and a professional establishment. 

    Marty and Gav have created what they think a surf hostel should be. This includes a spacious common kitchen, where Marty sometimes cooks for the guests (he used to be a chef), a living room with several gaming consoles and books, and a deposit of usable skateboards and long boards that guests can borrow. Marty and Gav did a lot of work on the house, the result being shiny bathrooms and IKEA worthy bedrooms. If, instead, you prefer the breeze of the ocean betwixt your unmentionables, they even built an outside shower. 

    Rae B.

    The Shredmill's link is HERE