• Fashion Friday

    Some local creations this week, first up, keep your swede warm after a surf with a hand knitted beanie from Chipiron:

    Make pretty with the lovely new collection from Atelier des Dames:

    Or pick up a bargain clutch from April and Me

  • Valentines Dining Guide

    Time to get romantic! Some suggestions for Valentine's night restaurant options:


    Barrio at the port have a special menu at 36€ a head. A glass of Moet to start, followed by St.Jacques cockles with chanterelle mushrooms. A main course of roast duck with tarragon mashed potatoes and vegetables and homemade strawberry dessert to finish. There will be live music and dancing.

    To book call: 05 58 72 61 71


    Vintage Avenue have a special menu at 27€ with kir royale to start. Call 05 58 48 76 20 to reserve.


    Loom have a choice of the Valentine's menu at 33€, or tapas and a glass of wine at the bar for 9€. Grommay will be on the decks. 

  • What's On

    Wednesday 11 February

    Yoga tonight at Boardriders Capbreton

    Thursday 13 February

    Thursday night pool comp at Coolin a la Plage - 10€ entry fee

    Friday 14 February

    Learn to crochet at Made with Love

    Crochet Class

    Friday 14 February from 4 - 6pm, wool and hook supplied. Beginners class costs 20€ plus 12€ for the wool/hook for those without equipment.

    Call 0671753964/0547809646 to book.

    And it's Valentines Day! Stay in and be romantic or check out our suggestions tomorrow for dining out..

    Saturday 15 February

    Go shopping! Hossegor february braderie is on over the weekend - bargainlicious.

  • What's On

    Thusday 6 February 

    Hossegor band Sunset Sons playing at Boardriders Capbreton. See them while they're still free!

    Pool Competition at Coolin a la Plage - starts at 10pm

    Saturday 8 February

    Cupcakes and clothes at Made with Love's Vide Dressing on Saturday from 3pm. 

    Sunday 9 February

    Ski Sunday with return transport to Gourgette for just 22€. Ski hire and passes extra..

  • Sunset Sons INterview

    Local band Sunset Sons 'le surfing' EP is due out on 20 February. We caught up with the boys at their Hossegor beach home for a chat.

    Introduce yourselves please:

    Rory – Vocals/Keys Rob- Guitar/Vocals Pete- Bass Jed – Drums/ Etc

    How long have you been together?

    Jed – It’s a kinda long story really.. I met a fella called Brendan in the Canary Islands when I was teaching surfing. He played guitar and I was the only drummer on the island I think. We played a few gigs as the half time show for the only other shit band on the island (that’s where The Cheerleaders came from). We all went our separate ways and ‘said guitarist’ ended up working in the kitchen at le surfing in Hossegor….

    Rory- I played my first ever gig (solo) in le surfing I didn’t know how to play my shitty little keyboard so I sang accapella.. After I was done Brendan came up to me and said ‘I know the guitar to some of those tunes’.

    Jed- I was back in Newcastle really bored and Bren called and said ‘I've met a lad who did a gig in le surfing and now he's the dish pig in the kitchen. He can sing real good and wants to make a band to do a season in the alps.. we’ll be minted!’ Dish pig was Rory. I flew down met him and we played together the first time at the Cream café (god rest her soul) and jammed Come together to a room full of people. I remember thinking we might have something here like….

    Rob – I was doing 10 hour days as an industrial tool designer in England. Brenny called and said do you wanna come play bass in this band up in the Alps. ‘Youll be making in upwards of a grand a week’. (which was bollocks). I honestly can't remember the last four years of my life.

    Jed - We’ve basically served our time playing covers and getting solid. Alps in the winter then beach bars in the summer. It's been fun and we’ve got pretty tight because of it. Then last year we decided that too many people had been saying ‘you should write some songs’. We had a crack and the first tune sucked. The second was ‘She Wants’. Brendan said he wasn’t really into the music we were doing and that he wanted to go to Sweden and start a metal band, or open a burger van or something. So we asked Pete who we all knew through seeing him down the beach and Le Surfing an that, if he’d fancy coming along and playing bass to the tunes we were writing. He fit straight in like a ‘finger in a bum’.


    You're based in Hossegor - where are you from originally?

    Jed- Newcastle Rob- Epsom Pete- Wollongong Australia Rory- Stonehenge

    Rob - He (Rory) Always says somewhere different.

    Who is the best surfer?

    Jed – The one that gets the deepest..


    Do you all have roles in the band apart from the obvious ones?

    Jed – We’re like Musketeers.

    Rory - Mouseketeers really..

    Rob - Pete is definitely the most hands on and organised. He packs the van and fixes stuff etc..

    Pete - Jed's the person who's fault it is most consistentally ‘isnt’.

    Rob - Rory is the most temperamental but he is in the firing line as the front man of the band. We’ve only recently put ourselves out there with our own material to have a crack at this business and have had a few unexpected reactions. On the other hand we’re stoked at how much support we’ve been receiving.

    Jed - Haters gonna hate.

    Rory- Totally know who my real friends are these days.. Which is a good thing really. (smiles)

    Do you all live together, how does that work?

    Rob - I am very lucky because I live in a lovely apartment with my missus, domestic bliss. Jed, Pete and Rory live 50 meters from the beach in a big place for the winter.

    Jed - It’s a cool beach house that we could never afford in summer but no one really wants to be here in winter so its pretty cheap. We’ve got no real neighbours so we can play as loud and as long as we like. It’s a real good environment for writing. The band stuff is just set up in the living room so we can just play as and when we like. Pretty cool.

    What's your Hossegor recommendation?

    Rob - My balcony is a lovely spot.. You’ll find me there. Under the pergola.

    Rory - Burrito in Le Surfing

    Pete - Phil's is pretty pimp. Basque Dog yew!

    Jed - There a little quiet beach up the coast I really like. There’s a few naked germans but real good uncrowded waves in summer.

    What's next for Sunset Sons?

    Jed - Our EP will be released on the 20th of Febuary which is pretty exciting. We’ve just put out a little video on youtube of the first tune from it and its getting quite a few hits which is ace!

    Rory - We can't wait to get out on tour and play to some new people. We’ve been working on loads of new tunes so its exciting .

    Rob -We have an idea to go and tour all the surf towns in the UK. That way we can have some fun and get the tunes out there too.

    Pete - We’re going to England!?

    You can catch Sunset Sons at Boardriders Capbreton this Thursday - Yew!

  • What's on

    Thursday 30 January 2014

    Live music after work with folk indie band The Mellow at Boardriders Capbreton.

    Pool Competition at Coolin a la plage

    Friday 31 January

    Farewell to Cream Cafe! It's Alex's 40th and Max's 5th birthdays as well as the last night of Cream Cafe, Seignosse. Help Alex and Sally celebrate their 9 years in Les Bourdaines. Kids welcome and pork rolls all round. See you there!